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 Hi.. Welcome to our home…

This Club started by a few Toyota Estima Owners who are crazy about TTying (get together) and having fun Convoying with family members. Apart of sharing common knowledge/interest on our rides, the ‘get together’ had brought us above and beyond friendships, establishing a family ties among club members.
If you are a Toyota Estima Owner (or used/going to be) you are welcome to be part of us.

Family members are currently from all over Malaysia and Singapore.

What Do Members Say About MyEstima

” MyEstima provides the opportunity for our family and friends to share in days out together. What better way to enjoy a day out than in the car you’ve always wanted with good company! ”

” Good social company with my family and friends and great opportunity to take our cars on a run , show them off to the public somewhere be together have a bite to eat and a drink and return home, and look forward to next event ”

” MyEstima appeals to me as it is a family oriented club that allows us to drive our ‘timah’. It is a very social club that focuses on family, friends, driving cars and enjoying TTs!… ”

At the moment, to be a member, you need to join any Myestima activities (ie. TT (Teh Tarik) session, Convoy, Family Day etc). We don’t implement on-line registration. Please contact any of our regional representatives below :-

Northern (NT) :

Mamu (Penang) – 012-332 one six six zero

Ismail (Kedah) – 012-474 seven five five eight

Pon (Perlis) – 013-435 zero eight zero eight

Mady (Perak) – 010-464 six four zero three

Central (CT) :

Pool (Bangi) – 013-360 One Three One One

Rosmin (Shah Alam) – 017-577  Five Seven Nine Five

Che Pa (Klang/K.Sel/Banting/Sabak Bernam) – 017-392 eight two six five

Dila (KL) – 019-303 Five Nine Nine Zero

Terachi (N9) – 012-251 two six one four

Southern / Singapore (ST) :

Adam (Johor) – 019-718 two eight one one

Cik Abul (Johor) – 013-704 two one four zero

Daud (Muar n Melaka) – 019-658 seven four seven one

East Coast (EC) :

Manyoko (Kemaman) – 019-915 five seven two eight

Ard (Kemaman) – 019-987 seven eight zero one

Wami (Kuala Terengganu) – 019-934 nine one one four

Sapiza (Kelantan) – 012-207 seven four zero four

Saifful (Kelantan) – 017-980 one five zero zero

Yatim (Kuantan) – 019-713 zero zero six three